We design bespoke road adventures for the discerning

Porsche enthusiast in Europe and North America.

Gianpaolo Pietri

Co-Founder, CEO & Chief of Creative + Routes

An architect and filmmaker, Gianpaolo has designed luxury experiences for clients in their homes around the world for over 18 years. It seemed only natural to take the show on the road.

Alessandro Pietri

Co-Founder, Chief of Content/Concierge Services

A professional cinematographer and photographer with a background in real estate development. As a homebuilder, Alessandro delivered the keys to hundreds of homes. Now the road is his home. He is a member of the Autobahn 200mph Club since 2008.

Ivar A. Pietri

Rally Grandmaster + Chief Map Reader

Ivar has driven his 996 GT2 in Europe for 20 years. Prior to that, he drove in multiple RUF Rallyes organized by the incomparable Alois and Estonia Ruf. He has been a PCA certified driving instructor for a decade. He is meticulous about reading maps and cleaning his windows before every drive.

The road doesn’t just open up new worlds to you. It opens up new worlds within you.


We help passionate drivers get

the most out of their Porsches.

And themselves.


Bespoke Porsche Rallyes in Europe and the United States

There are the roads we know–Grossglockner, Stelvio, Furka, Giau–and the roads we don’t. We are committed to taking Porschefiles to the epic passes they’ve read all about, but also to the hidden gems of which even the locals may have never heard.


New Porsche factory pick-up driving experience

Flying to the factory to pick up your new Porsche? Let us put together a brief but unforgettable adventure for you that will put you and your new machine to the test before you bring it home. Adventures can range from 3 -10 days depending on your interests.


Rallye planning for groups and corporations.

Our rallyes are designed for drivers to work closely with their navigators to stay on route. Drivers must also maintain precise communication with each other to facilitate passing and keep the group together. These rallyes present an adventurous and effective team building opportunity for brands and companies alike.

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